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On Our Own of Frederick County is a wellness and recovery center located in downtown Frederick, Maryland. We are a non-profit organization that provides peer support, resources, advocacy, life/recovery coaching and more for adults and families in Frederick County who experience mental health challenges and/or substance use disorder.  
Call today to speak to a peer, find out about services, make and appointment for a one-on-one session, use our new computer lab or obtain information on our virtual support groups.
Support Groups Include:
  • General Mental Health Group
  • General Substance Use Disorder Support Group & Education
  • Parents in Recovery
  • Empowerment Series
  • Nutrition
  • Journaling Group
  • Book Club
  • Art Therapy
  • "Crafts with Kristen/Jill"
  • Game Group
  • Trauma Informed Meditation Group
  • Yoga
  • Health Education
  • CPRS Support Group
  • CPRS Training (at least 3 different CPRS training courses per month that provide ceu's)
  • Peer Supervision Training(s)
  • Spirituality
  • WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)
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Help us figure out how to best serve our community by clicking the link below and completing our "Community Needs Assessment"

Please watch this short video to get an idea of what we are about, what our center looks like, the services we offer, events we enjoy together and to get an overall feel of what to expect when you come to the center!
All of our services are free!
"This is my story and how I found my way to On Our Own. Working for OOOFC has helped me grow in my recovery and I learned that there is a solution out there. As humans we are programed to be with each other, grown with each other and heal with each other. At OOO - we want to heal with you."

A message of hope from our Executive Director, Jill Krisnitsky
Our Mission
We provide free intentional and inclusive peer-led recovery and wellness services. By creating an accepting, supportive community we educate and empower people to heal, reconnect, and find their own way forward. We strive to passionately serve any adult who is seeking to recover from significant life challenges, mental health issues or substance use disorder.
Our Purpose
Frederick County will be a place where all can select their own recovery path and are supported in their choices.