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Member Testimonials
Sharon G.
Advocate and volunteer for local recovery community. “I came to on our own because it is like therapy for me.”

Vladimir T.
“I find On Our Own to be a progressive organization that helps unlabeled members of our recovery community. It enabled me to be me and not apply for labeling.”
Person formerly homeless in recovery from an addiction to crack-cocaine. In recovery and Psychiatric treatment for bi-polar depression, child abuse, and PTSD. A survivor of rape and domestic abuse. Bi-sexual advocate for human rights. “On Our Own has provided me a place of Non-violent community involvement of nonjudgmental freedom of speech, expression and emotions.”
Mary B.
“On Our Own is a sanctuary for me where I can laugh and cry. It means comradery. Truthfully, at times, it means chaos but since Lacy came on board, the chaos is managed swiftly, and effectively. It is a refuge.”
“On Our Own means a lot to me because it gives me a place to come in the daytime instead of walking around all day long on the streets without anywhere to go. I really appreciate the people who work here!”
Arnie S.
“On Our Own means a lot to me. This is how I can make friends. I enjoy journaling. That is how I express my feelings, through journaling. If there was no On Our Own, I would not have mental health support. It is a safe environment. No one judges me. We get along with each other well. Being deaf is a challenge to communicate with people at On Our Own. I would have to read lips and write on paper.”
Keven C.
“On Our Own has been my salvation, the first place that has made me feel not alone. Since joining, I have met many friends and the most liberating experience was going to the On Our Own conference where I met people who have succeeded in living with a mental illness and achieve their goals. Going to the journaling group, I found a place where I could bond with other writers and share our stories. I hope On Our Own will continue for many more years.”
Deb R.
“On Our Own is a safe place. A place of friendship, a place where true friends stand up for each other through thick and thin. We’ve been known to cry, pray, laugh, sing, play games and write. We share and care. On Our Own is like a second family to me. And a safe place where friends gather.”

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