Our Vision
Our Mission
Frederick County will be a place where all can select their own recovery path and are supported in their choices.

We provide free intentional and inclusive peer-led recovery and wellness services. By creating an accepting, supportive community we educate and empower people to heal, reconnect, and find their own way forward. We strive to passionately serve any adult who is seeking to recover from significant life challenges, mental health issues or substance use disorder.

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Our Leadership Team

Jill Krisnitsky
Executive Director
Jill is a strong advocate for those in any type of recovery. She believes in putting out as much "good" into the world as possible and strives to lead by example. Jill's motto is "Pay it Forward." 
Jill Krisnitsky - Executive Director
Contact: (240) 315-514
Email: jill.ooofc@gmail.com 

Kristen Jean - Program Manager
Contact: (240) 315-1849
Email: kristen.ooofc@gmail.com

Annette Boxley - Administrative Support
Contact: (240) 246-4389
​Email: annette.ooofc@gmail.com

Cody Bruchey - Peer / Outreach
Contact: (301) 524-2018
​Email: cody.ooofc@gmail.com

Colleen Blasko - Administrative Assistant
Contact: (301) 642-6224​
Email: colleen.ooofc@gmail.com

Charisa Billigmeier - Training Coordinator
Contact: (240) 440-1529

​Email: charisaooofc@gmail.com

Joao Martins - Peer Support Specialist/Facilities Manager
Contact: (202) 567-1613

​Email: joaoooofc@gmail.com

Andy Alkhatib - Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Contact: (240) 629-8015
Email: andy.ooofc@gmail.com

Christopher Ketterman - Training Admin.
Contact: (240) 578-1880
Email: chris.ooofc@gmail.com
Christy Kehlbeck
Christy values respect, compassion and friendship. "Given the right tools, anyone can change their life and situation through self-direction. On Our Own offers tools and opportunities." She joined the Board in 2014.
Christy Kehlbeck - President

Email: chkehlbeck@comcast.net

Kimba Green - Vice President
Email: kimba@whitelionsocial.com

Shelly Tribett - Treasurer
Email: Shelly.Tribett@fcps.org

William "Bill" Allan
Email: allanwm@comcast.net

Aaron Bennett
Email: bennett.aaron.t@gmail.com

Leshia Chandler
Email: leshiachandler@gmail.com

Elijah Deluna
Email: delunaelijah17@gmail.com

Cheryl Ford-English
Email: fordenglishc@gmail.com

Sharon Grail
Email: josh4sharon@comcast.net

Debra Miller
Email: millerdebra213@gmail.com

Mike Shilling
Email: mikeshilling301@gmail.com

Nina Shore
Email: nshore@mdlab.org

Connelly Stewart
Email: connellycs@comcast.net

Timothy Edmonds
Email: t.edmonds.84@gmail.com

Patricia Ieraci
Email: patricia.ieraci@maryland.gov