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OOOFC Needs Assessment
Which type of peer support group interests you the most?
How Would You Like to Contribute to the Center?
Which do you struggle with the most?
Have you used the center as a place to recieve mail?
Do you have Health Insurance?
Do you see a Therapist or Counselor on a regular basis?
What group do you enjoy attending at On Our Own?
Do you recieve any of the following assistance? (Select all that apply)
Are you employed?
What is your current housing situation?
What group do you NOT ENJOY attending at On Our Own?
I feel safe with staff, volunteers and fellow peers at the center:
I feel my recovery is supported and important to staff, volunteers and fellow peers at the center:
I feel the rules and expectations are reasonable:
I feel the support groups that are offered are interesting and informative and help me in my recovery:
I feel my voice is heard and valued:
I feel my needs are addressed when I ask for assistance and support:
I would recommend On Our Own of Frederick to friends and community members:
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