We provide a number of services and support groups to our members and to the community.  Following are listings of services we provde and links to other local resources and articles.

Peer Support

is sharing our lived experiences to empower personal growth through:

  • Conversations of mutual sharing

  • Active and reflective listening

  • Understanding another’s situation

  • Empathetic and non-judgmental responses

  • Mutual relationships



- Partners in Recovery (One-on-One support)

- WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Planning)

- Guest Speakers

- “Warm” Phone Line Support       - Referrals and Community Resources

- Conferences and Trainings

- Bottomless COFFEE

- CPRS Training Program

Social Activities

- Movies

- Coffee and Conversation

- Group Outings

- Bowling

- Music Events

- Member Socials

- Crafts

- Music Therapy

- "Game-Hour"

Local Resources